How to Treat Men’s Ingrown Hair

1. First, try to prevent ingrown hair. Exfoliating, shaving with the hair, using anti-ingrown hair products, can all be helpful. But if you keep getting ingrown hairs, move on to the following step. We recommend:
Face exfoliant: Best Men’s Face Scrub
Shaving Gel: Best Men’s Shaving Gel
Anti_ingrown Solution: Best Men’s Anti-Ingrown Solutions
2. Exfoliate and wash the area. You will want to clean the area and remove any dead skin, which may be built up over the ingrown hair. Ingrown hair often causes dry dead skin on top, like a pimple would.
3. Apply hot water with a washcloth to the area. This will help to open the pores and bring the hair closer to the surface.
4. Rinse your skin with cold water–optional. If you rinse with cold water, it will cause your skin to retract and may even bring the hair to the surface. Kind of the same reason why your face/legs are not as smooth when it is cold outside.
5. Use tweezers and needle to bring the hair out more. Pluck the hair when it is sufficiently out of the skin.
6. Clean the area afterward. You will want to prevent infection or further

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