Male Anal and Genital Bleaching – What Men Need To Know about Skin Lightening

Male Anal and Genital Bleaching – What Men Need To Know about Skin Lightening

Genital bleaching for men covers anal and penis, growing bleaching; or also know as skin lightening or whitening, is the process of bleaching the darker pigmentation around the anus, testicles, under arms , penis etc usually for esthetic purposes. The practice entails the application of a cream which contains a lightening agent to the darker areas of skin. Following our philosophy of only using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, The Men’s Grooming Salon skin bleaching key ingredient is a wild crafted of a berry species from Northern Canadian Prairies. Its potent properties of this compound accelerates the reduction of skin pigmentation & erythema
as well as a diminishing in the appearance of age spots.

Men are seeking out these lightening treatments of their intimate areas in a bid to improve the look of their genitalia ( anus, testicules, penis).

How does male anal and genitalia bleaching work?

Melanin, a chemical produced by body cells known as melanocytes, darkens the color of the skin as a protectant from sunlight. The more melanin the body produces, the darker the skin. Dark-skinned individuals have more melanin than light-skinned individuals. Skin whitening creams work by reducing the production of melanin. Therefore, as new cells are produced with less melanin, light skin tone is usually achieved. While these creams work, exposure to the sun may re-oxidize the skin, resulting in darker appearance than before. The genitalia, testicles, penis, anus, gets little to no exposure to the sun.
ALso the face can be affected by excess pigment. Melasma hyperpigmentation is a skin condition caused by an overproduction of melanin by the pigment skin cells (melanocytes) which leaves dark spots on the face.

Is skin whitening really safe for men?

It is 100% safe. Our unique whitening cream combines three ingredients that act in synergy to inhibit and remove unusual build up of melanin: snail secretions that contain powerful enzyme antioxidants that may be lacking in damaged skin, a nonapeptide-1 derived from a human growth factor that inhibits the over production of melanin by blocking the melanin stimulating hormone and, an extract derived from the Rumex occidentals plant Rumex Occidentalis Extract (Tyrostat®) that reduces the formation of new pigments.

Just like everything else on the medical field, these creams come with risks as well. They need to be applied properly, and in the right places but even then, these products are still considered safe as they are made mostly of natural ingredients that aren’t harmful in any way. There might be tingling sensation or even some mild irritation but that is just normal because that is just your skin reacting to the whitening cream as well as the exfoliation prior to the cream. As long as you follow the instructions on the product cream and given that you have chosen an item that is of quality then you literally have nothing to worry about. You just have to wait for the results to happen for you!

What are the precautions?

The only precaution is to make sure that none of the whitening creams you decide to use does not contain neither hydroquinone or arbutin, which are known for their side effects. Contrary to those nasty ingredients, we only use Rumex extract as works by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme present in human skin and that is responsible for the formation of pigmentation which causes color in skin. Inhibiting tyrosinase reduces the formation of new pigment. The combined action of the ingredients minimizes the formation of unwanted pigmentation; and allows to control skin tone and brown spots leading to brighter skin with a clear complexion.

Do these creams offer permanent results?

Much like teeth whitening, the process takes a couple of applications and the lightening is not permanent. The area will have to be maintained on regular basis with several follow-up treatments in order to keep the area bleached to the color of your choice. These factors lead most consumers to the use creams that contain chemicals in order to get quick results. If you choose the best cream, you will achieve a light skin within a few days of continuous use.

How long should the results take?

Results will vary from person to person because everyone’s skin is different. Therefore, there’s no fast rule for time it will take to achieve a light anus. If you maintain a consistent everyday treatment, you will see some results in less than two weeks. However, it can take more than two months to start seeing real results. With consistent use, it’s possible to lighten the intimate areas like the anus, penis , testicles, under arms etc and feel great about how your body looks.

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