Male Brazilian IPL | Buttocks and Genital Area


Experience the smooth and clean skin of the entire genital area. Permanent hair removal with SHR technology uses several different wavelengths of light, as opposed to laser, which usually employs only one, narrow beam of light on a single wavelength. IPL is an extremely effective hair removal method, as it avoids all mess associated with waxing hair removal. During the hair removal process, the hair follicle is targeted by light waves, which causes irreparable damage to the follicle, preventing future hair growth. It does not have any bad effects for the skin. It targets hairs around penis, buttocks, perineum, and scrotum.

The procedure targets hairs at a particular point in their growth cycle, and a broad area is treated during each appointment. MGS uses very modern IPL machines, approved by the TGA, which allow you to become hair-free in a few sessions.

Benefits: No ingrown hair, much less discomfort, and it is more permanent. In fact, the only likely reason hair will ever return to the region is via major hormonal changes, which for most men do not occur after puberty.