Vertical Review The Christian Acuña Collection: Skincare for Every Man

Vertical Review The Christian Acuña Collection: Skincare for Every Man

When most men hear the word skincare they brush it off, claim that they don’t have time, something to be left for the ladies, or believe that it’s simply unnecessary. It’s quite common for men who use the average big-name product to choose it as a quick, easy and readily available item from their checklist, ignoring all other important factors when making the decision. Often times purpose and ingredients are overlooked for cheap and versatile skincare products that can lead to the skin absorbing harmful chemicals and using a product that may actually counter the intended benefits. One man, Christian Acuña has spent years developing his skincare line for men that has revolutionises the way modern man cares for his skin.

The Christian Acuña collection is the number one native Australian, fully organic skincare line. Ingredients such as fruits, the kakadu plum, one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants and macadamia and coconut oils are used at their purest form and blended with a 100% certified organic base. Combining new age knowledge with ancient Aboriginal remedies, the collection stands out in a market saturated with products that contain additives and harmful chemicals.

Many skincare products are made with these chemicals. Studies have shown a link between these synthetic and potentially toxic chemicals to the production of cancerous cells. Not to mention the pollutants and toxins found in the environment and increased ultra-violet radiation as a result of a depleted ozone layer, the last thing our bodies need is a direct source to these chemicals via our skincare products.
Christian Acuña has worked to meet the tough demands of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and has been certified organic by the Organic Food Chain (OFC). Everything down from the entire product line and packaging is biodegradable.

As well as understanding the need to protect and preserve the planet, Acuña recognizes the importance for men to take care of their skin, at any time, at any age. Regardless of gender the skin needs hydration, but it is the difference in hormones between men and women that require specific products. Men have thicker skin, this is great to maintain a youthful appearance but it means it is more difficult for skincare products to be absorbed. They also have an increase of oil production, again great for anti-aging but this means more build-up, breakouts and blackheads. And while they are less prone to fine wrinkles, deeper line creases set in with age. All the above combined with the demands of shaving, sun, diet, sleep, emotions and effects of smoking can have tremendous effects on the appearance of the skin. This means that careful selection of the right products will help preserve and promote a healthy, youthful appearance as well as play an important role in maintaining good health.

The Christian Acuña skincare line comes in three different collections, Face Essentials, Face Repair and Body which contain moisturisers, washes, exfoliators and gels. Each promising to deeply cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate, allowing your skin to soak up all that is natural and pure.

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