Why Organic?

As we are now turning to natural and organic alternatives when shopping for our groceries and household cleaning products, it make sense that we should be just as considerate when choosing our skin care products.

Most commercial skin care products, both high-end and supermarket brands, contain ingredients that can be detrimental to our health and because our skin and hair absorbs whatever we apply, it is important to pay attention to the listed ingredients in the products you are using.

Christian Acuña has personally developed a range of skin care products that are made using only organic ingredients and do not contain petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful chemicals that are found in so many of the products currently available on the market.

The powerful antioxidant ingredients found in Christian Acuña’s skin care products have been sourced from environmentally sustainable resources, are of the highest quality available and have been selected for their purity, potency and therapeutic benefits.

Our research has found that the regular use of organic skin care products leaves your skin looking healthy, hydrated and naturally luminous due to the exclusion of harmful toxic ingredients and you are also far less likely to experience an adverse reaction or discomfort to your skin.

Nothing can duplicate the amazing, powerful ingredients of Mother Nature.

For further information on current Australian guidelines on organic products please refer to the links below;
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