Christian Acuña

Christian Acuña is number one in fully organic Australian skin care. He is changing the way men think about skin care. His all-natural line of products, specifically tailored for men, is both simple and essential for maintaining healthy skin (something most of us take for granted). Christian has spent many years researching and developing his products and he is considered to be a pioneer in the field of organic men’s skin care.

Christian bases his products on the studies and wisdom of Aboriginal culture. Many of the ingredients come from this knowledge, such as one of the most powerful anti-oxidants on the planet, the kakadu plum. Other plants such as berries and other fruits that Aboriginals have consumed for many generations are also main ingredients in the line. Christian strongly believes that these ingredients are the key to great skin: organic anti-oxidants that have been tried and proven through many generations.

“It turns out there was a void in skin care products for men. There wasn’t really anything out in the market that was free from artificial additives and chemicals.”

With his entire product line and packaging being 100% biodegradable, Christian Acuña products are at the forefront of the eco-friendly men’s skin care industry.

Christian Acuña on creating the Skin Care line:
The Christian Acuña collection is a premium range of certified organic face and body products designed specifically with the modern man in mind. Only the purest and most beneficial Australian native natural ingredients are selected at their pristine state before being blended in a 100% certified organic base. All formulas have undergone strict TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) testing. It is proudly Australian made and owned.

“My skin care line is divided in 3 simple lines; face essentials keeping the basics of skin care maintenance, face repair for those with more skin needs, and body solutions.”

We are continuously looking to improve each of our formulas. New mixes are being developed and ingredient performance is upgraded. Australia has by far the strictest requirements of any country when it comes to getting a product certified as organic. For a product to be “certified organic” implies that at least 95% of its content is organic. Other countries quality control will approve a certified organic product if their content is at least 0.5% organic, a big difference! Here in Australia we are under constant scrutiny by the TGA of Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration). Needless to say, it’s a long process from the initial idea into a final off the shelf product due to the intricacies of creating products of such high quality and efficacy