Acne Scars Treatment | Repair


Acne can be a long-term (chronic) condition. But even if it occurs only during the teen years, it can leave lifelong scars. Acne scars can be sunken (depressed) due to the loss of tissue. They may look like ice pick pits. They can be rolling, creating a wavy texture in the skin. Or they may also be boxlike. These are sometimes called boxcar acne scars and are often on the face. Acne scars can also be raised due to excess tissue in the form of a keloid or hypertrophic scar. These are more common on the back and chest. Lastly, acne can leave coloured spots (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation). These spots can be purplish, red and pink in lighter skin. They can be tan to dark brown in darker skin. These are technically not scars and will often fade over time.

Laser resurfacing uses high-energy light to burn away damaged skin. It may be used to minimize wrinkles and fine scars. An Intense Pulse Lighting may be used to specifically treat raised acne scars. For lighter-skinned people, intense pulsed light may the best treatment option.