Skin Pigmented Lesions | Dark Spots Corrections.


For the skin to look healthy and beautiful, melasma and pigmented lesions must go. These are caused when skin cells produce too much melanin within a localized area. Most develop with exposure to the sun, and Australia has a lot of it! Treatments on the face, neck, top of the head and chest, as well as the tops of hands and the forearms are most popular and achieve incredible results.

• Reduces skin pigmentation
• Restores elasticity and firmness
• Prevents skin damage caused by exposure to sun, smog, pollution and stress
• Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Helps repair damaged cells and prevent future skin damage



As one of Australia’s most well regarded male skin experts, Christian Acuña knows a thing or two about in-salon treatments for men:
– If you’re serious about clearing up your pigmentation, I’d recommend the following.
– For sun-induced pigment I favour IPL anti pigmentation treatments, safe and without recovery time”
– For hormonal pigment there’s no cure as such, however it can be managed with a good skincare regime and in-clinic treatments such as depigmentation peels,
– For early onset or minimal pigment, I like to combine low level, gentle peels with light therapy to gradually break down the pigment, brighten the complexion and unify skin tone. Easy!
– But, most important, unless you want to end up right back where you started, there’s no use booking in for clinical treatments if you continue to skip the SPF. Diligent sun protection is vital in managing all types of hyperpigmentation. Facial pigmentation removal for men is possible.