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Men’s Grooming Salon




Located in Sydney’s Paddington, Men’s Grooming Salon is a discreet space to meet the needs of discerning males. Founder, Christian Acuña, delivers outstanding results for a select clientele; his personalised service is tailored to the individual. Christian’s exhaustive knowledge of naturopathy and cosmetology is combined with a profound aesthetic philosophy. He will empower and rejuvenate your skin with his exclusive organic formulations.

Men’s Grooming Salon offers the newest grooming and facial rejuvenation treatments. Christian uses only the finest natural ingredients in his holistic treatments, whilst permanent hair removal is achieved using laser and intense pulse light (IPL). Temporary hair removal using wax is also highly prized by our clientele.

Men’s Grooming Salon also offers a selection of therapeutic massage and spa packages. Gift vouchers are available. Christian’s signature treatments are delivered in a private, comfortable setting. The salon has no shopfront, ensuring that extra degree of privacy valued by his diverse clientele.

To book an appointment, call  or SMS 0415 237 494