Full Body Laser + IPL Permanent Hair Removal


The Men’s Grooming Salon finds that our male patients enjoy the most satisfaction and best results with laser hair removal for men. This subtle, advanced technology can thin or even completely remove unwanted hair from any and all areas of the body, all while ensuring maximum client comfort and permanent outcomes. With rapid precision, targeted hair follicles are penetrated by nuanced energy micropulses, while the surrounding skin remains undamaged and intact. 100% pain free.



Male hair removal Sydney IPL Laser. You don’t have to deal with unwanted hair any more, or endure the pain that was once typical of laser treatments. Our Laser + IPL Super Hair Removal makes laser treatments comfortable,  effective and 100% pain-free . In the process of laser hair removal, hair bulbs are deeply targeted with laser energy to kill them off for good. A laser + IPL head passes back and forth over the treatment area and hair bulbs are gradually heated up and gently removed. This process essentially causes enough hair follicle damage so that no future hair can live and grow. A full body treatment design for men only. Get rid of unwanted hair