Removal of Dark Pigmentation in Anal area with IPL


Discolorations (or hyperpigmentation) of the skin, including the penis, anus and genital area in general, are very common in men. As men start to pay more attention to their looks “down there” many realize that they want to improve their look.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Whitening or Lightening is the contemporary form of light-based skin therapy. Tons of men are jumping on the ass-lightening train of sexiness to improve how they look from behind. Of course, this can seem a bit weird if you’ve never done it before, but no worries – we’ve got your back(side)

After each IPL skin lighting treatment a unique whitening cream 100% natural and safe is applied onto the treated area until it is absorbed to accelerate the whitening process achieving great results within weeks.

Whitening of the skin requires an ongoing visit to the clinic to keep the area even toned.