Basics | Permanent Hair Removal Back + Brazilian


Manscaping has gotten easier than ever, thanks to the latest Super Hair Removal (SHR) technology that tackles hair in unwanted places with a near-permanent solution. SHR technology, only partially utilises the melanin path, using low energy with high-frequency delivery. This penetrates down to the follicles which produce hair growth, however, unlike Laser or IPL, the skin is only heated to 48° Celsius. SHR is ideal for large treatment areas, and to treat lighter and finer hair. SHR is a very effective and safe form of hair removal. Now you can do your entire back and bum and genital area all at once with The Basic Package.



For a painless permanent hair removal, several laser sessions are required for a durable depilation. Especially with men, having harder hair, a visit to the clinic every 4 weeks in recommended.Normally around 5 visits should be ok to see a permanent hair reduction. Indeed, a growing demand is rising, as more and more men are interested into painless permanent hair removal by laser and IPL.