Underarm IPL treatment takes just a few minutes. After applying gel on the armpit, the IPL machine is applied (it’s like a scan gun that you see in supermarket cashier counters), clicked it a few times on each of the underarms and that’s it. Recommended not to use deodorant until the next morning and not allowed to wet the treated areas until the next day. Waxing is not advised but shaving between treatments is ok. If necessary, whitening creams can be applied after two days.

The treatment is short and slightly tingly. It does not hurt but you will fell the small electric currents on the skin every time the IPL gadget clicked. Armpit hairs usually grow back the following day after shaving but after the first IPL session, you will noticed slow hair growth. The armpit hairs will became visible after a week. They are in fact thinner and the hair colour is lighter. The hair regrowth is noticeably lesser now.