Genital + Buttocks Permanent Hair Reduction or Removal


It’s vital to keep on top of your under-the-belt grooming. Whether it’s a big job or just a tiny trim, every guy needs to have a system to deal with his hair down south. The most efficient hair removal system for men, is without doubt, IPL + Laser ( SHR, Super Hair Removal). A technology that removes hair painless, all the hair covering the genitals, the speedo line, buttocks, anus, etcetera. With as much or as little hair of your private surroundings you want removed. It is a painless, quick and safe hair removal treatment that will eliminate not just hair but also ingrown-hairs from waxing, odour, pigmentation, giving a more appealing appearance. Now with a FREE whitening treatment.


Permanently or reducing hair around your genitals and buttocks can be quite the challenge. You know your most sensitive spots, and how challenging is getting down there with a razor, clippers, epilator, or even a laser beam. Your testicles, buttocks, anus and other sensitive parts of your male anatomy might shrivel up at the thought of inflected pain with a treatment gone wrong. For that reason we have invested on our German IPL (Intense Pulse Lighting) + Laser permanent hair removal or hair reduction (SHR, Super Hair Removal) technology machine which is 100% pain free. A super efficient hair removal technology with a very in detail intel which performs super fast and painless permanent hair reduction on any skin type and most hair colours ( no grey). It is a non-invasive, super safe and highly effective treatment with long-term proven results. This treatment comes with FREE whitening of the treated area, so your hair removal treatments have a faster successful outcome of your genital and buttocks hair removal.