Full body exfoliation package


The benefits of body scrubs go beyond exfoliation to include relaxation, detoxification, anti-ageing & more. Men have hair all over and hair traps oil, dirt, grime which are breeding grounds for entire metropolises of bacteria. There are three major areas men need to exfoliate regularly with a more coarse scrub: back, chest and legs. Male facial skin and their sensitive areas, have large pores, whiskers, more collagen and elastin (fibrous proteins that help hold everything together), a condensed supply of blood vessels and it produces a fair amount of sweat. These areas are treated with a softer finer exfoliant. The active enzymes used effectively remove dead skin cells and deep-clean pores, freeing the skin on your face and body from impurities, leaving you with a healthy relaxing glow from head to toe. Try it, you’ll love yourself more.