Eyebrow tint and eyebrow grooming for men.What’s involved and where do I even begin?

Eyebrow tint and eyebrow grooming for men.What’s involved and where do I even begin?

Men’s Eyebrow Tint or Dye consists of dyeing the male eyebrows a few shades darker than they naturally appear, in particular if your eyebrows go clear during summer and are in need of a stronger more masculine look. The process is relatively inexpensive, and it will last for weeks. Nobody will be able to tell that you have groomed or tinted your eyes; but people will notice a stronger more defined look on you. Men’s eyebrow should have the same or a similar shade as the colour of the hair on your head.

At The Men’s Grooming Salon, your professional male expert in mens eyebrow shaping, grooming and tint, will choose a color to match the shade of the hair on your head. Otherwise, you’ll look like Yosemite Sam or like you’re wearing a Halloween costume. The color’s for eyebrow grooming for men are very natural, it’s easy to apply and it will last more than a month.

Eye brow grooming
In the past, The Men’s Grooming Salon has covered a diverse range of subjects in the area of male grooming; however, one subject we have still not dealt with is eyebrows.

How to groom men’s eyebrows? Well, it doesn’t mean to remove a lot of hair and shape them like a woman’s and create high or dramatic arches. A simple tune-up will make them look more groomed. Sometimes, all it takes is trimming the brows or taking a couple hairs here and there. Different rules apply for men than women when taming the brows.

Eyebrows are one of those mysterious facial features that can make a huge difference in your appearance but generally go unnoticed unless something about them is terribly wrong (like, say, you’re still sporting a unibrow or accidentally singed them off over a barbecue; it happens).

When it comes toeyebrow grooming for men, it boils down to three simple things: de-bulking, shaping and knowing where brows should start and end. Always keeping a masculine and strong mens look.

First, getting rid of excess hair in the middle and the outside ends. The inside edges of your brows should line up with the inside corner of your eyes — anything else is in unibrow territory and should be cleared leaving just a few short hairs to keep it natural and masculine.

Next, the bulk of the hair will be reduced with grooming scissors, in particular we will groom the mens eyebrow off the long curly hairs. We remove just enough hair so the brows look tamed, not overly trussed. We don’t want to cut the hair so short that it refuses to lie flat against your face. It should take you at least a 15-20 minutes to do a proper job.

To arch or not to arch? that is the question. And the answer depends on your face shape. If it’s long and skinny, or anchored by a particularly strong jawline, you should probably forget about sculpting your brows into an arch. Thicker, horizontal brows can help divide your face to make it look shorter and draw people’s gazes up and away from the jaw. On the other hand, if you have a round or square face, a prominent arch can create the illusion of a longer face.
As a general rule of thumb, the arch should peak directly above the pupil.

Men’s Eyebrows
“Not only do they accent the face and contribute to attractiveness, they also convey a wealth of emotional expression.”

If the development and use of Botox has contributed anything to society, it’s that the paralysing and toxic beauty aid has equally served as an effective reminder of just how important eyebrows are when communicating. When you can’t move them, your face is jammed in first gear, like you’re constantly reacting to a surprise party. Indeed, one of many things you likely didn’t know about eyebrows is that by simply freezing them we effectively wipe out the intricate expressiveness of the human face.

It’s a bit unsettling to consider, but it helps to illustrate the extraordinary role of the eyebrows in our culture. Not only do they accent the face and contribute to attractiveness, they also convey a wealth of emotional expression, and, at one time in our development, they likely provided visual clues of sexual dimorphism to others at a distance (big brow, man; little brow, woman).

For all that our eyebrows do for us, we guys tend to do very little for them. So, let’s take a moment and honour the eyebrows with five things you didn’t know.

1- The Average Male’s Eyebrow Has 500 Hairs
The first thing to know about eyebrows is that most men don’t likely have any extras other than the two God gave them, so take heed when it comes to shaping and grooming the eyebrows.

Not only do most brows feature fewer hairs per square inch than what’s found on the head, they also tend to grow back twice as slowly. The lesson here is that any decision made to manscape your eyebrows should come on the heels of plenty of consideration, because you’ll have to live with the consequences longer than you might expect. Therefore, always go to see a men groomer specialist at The Men’s Grooming Salon.

2- Fashionable Eyebrows Were Once Made From Mouse Skin
The look isn’t as hideous as it sounds; in fact if contemporary portraits of the Colonial elite in America near the end of the 18th century are any indication, the grey mouse skin looks fairly normal, if not slightly bushy by our standards.

In The Eyebrow, authors Robyn Cosio and Cynthia Robins trace the evolution of the eyebrow as a target of beauty and fashion in both men and women back to the earliest-known civilisations. Showcasing the styling and grooming methods of several different societies, it’s clear that, while we may covet the eyes as the most beautiful facial feature, in fact the object of that attention and the area where alterations can bring about the most dramatic change in one’s looks is the brow.

3- Eyebrows Are More Vital To Facial Recognition Than Eyes
Another thing men need to know about eyebrows is that they, not the eyes, are the more likely mirrors into the soul.

In one of the only studies of its kind, researchers from MIT sought to determine which feature, when omitted from familiar faces, would cause more recognition problems, the eyes or the eyebrows. Not surprising considering the topic of this piece, subjects had significantly more trouble identifying familiar faces when they were presented without eyebrows.

4- Your eyebrows give you away
What you probably didn’t know about eyebrows or human physiology in general is that the human face differs from the rest of the body in that many of the muscles used for facial expressions namely the frontalis and orbicularis oris are attached or connected to other muscles, making their actions largely involuntary.

This leads to what Dr. Paul Ekman calls microexpressions or tiny, split-second tics and other gestures that surrender our intentions to those that can read them. Thus, no matter how hard you try to conceal the truth or tell a lie, your eyebrows are likely to give you away.

5- Men with unibrows were once considered inherent criminals
The last thing men need to know about eyebrows is that some styles may subject them to criminal profiling.

The unibrow has been vilified in the West, attributed by various unscientific methods as having a strong association with criminal behaviour, substandard intelligence and other perceived human shortcomings, none of which posses any clinical validity. That said, short of a meticulous goatee on an evil twin, has any specific facial hair ever undergone the same negative scrutiny as the unibrow? While it is a highly desirable quality in some cultures, the most recent indirect attempt to bring the unibrow into fashion in the West occurred in 2002 when Salma Hayek portrayed iconic unibrowed artist Frida Kahlo in Frida. The film won two Oscars, including the Academy Award for Best Makeup, but, alas the unibrow failed to catch on. If even the sexy Hayek couldn’t make it stylish, you can’t possibly like its chances on anyone else.

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