Collagen is a type of protein that is produced naturally in skin and connective tissue, and it plays an instrumental role in keeping skin firm and giving it shape. It breaks down as you age, along with elastin, the substance that keeps skin springy, resulting in increasingly saggy and wrinkled skin. The collagen mask, a type of cosmetic mask treatment offered at The Men’s Grooming Salon, is designed to counteract this effect.

Wrinkle Reduction
According to “Modern Esthetics: A Scientific Source for Estheticians,” by Henry J. Gambino, the collagen masks treatment offered at The Men’s Grooming Salon are especially beneficial for mature skin, in part because of their effectiveness for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Presumably, a collagen mask will deliver this benefit by giving a temporary boost to the collagen levels in surface skin, but this is not always an achievable result with all products or services marketed as “collagen masks”. Some masks advertised as collagen masks are so-called only because the solution itself contains collagen, but this alone will not firm and smooth the skin, because collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through external tissue. Other products, which are also marketed as collagen masks, are designed to stimulate collagen production internally, effectively firming tissue and reducing wrinkles. You should investigate product claims closely before making a purchase to ensure you’re choosing a treatment that encourages natural collagen production. At The Men’s Grooming Salon, the collagen mask treatment is made minutes before the client arrives and finalised and mixed in front of the client. It contains pure marine collagen and a compound of vitamin Bs to help deliver collagen deep into the dermis.

Moisturizing Effect
Gambino also indicates that the powerful moisturizing effects of collagen masks make them appropriate treatments for chronic dry skin. Even when wrinkles and fine lines are not an issue, dry skin problems caused by heredity, skin disorders, climate or routine exposure to wind or chlorinated pools may be improved by this process. Although collagen molecules cannot penetrate the skin to provide anti-wrinkle benefits, according to Hill, mask solutions that contain collagen do have a significant hydrating effect. In addition to collagen, many of these masks also include other moisturizing substances to add to this effect, including ceramide, hyaluronic acid and natural botanical extracts.

Collagen Mask Procedure
Most therapeutic facial masks are applied in the form of a cream or clay, but collagen masks typically consist of dried sheets containing collagen and other ingredients, according to Gambino. Some collagen mask sheets are manufactured as strips to be arranged on the face, while others are pre-cut as single sheets with eye, nose and mouth holes. These sheets are moistened either with water or another skin care product and applied to facial skin, where they remain for 20 to 30 minutes. Unlike clay facial masks, which must be scrubbed off, collagen masks can usually be peeled off neatly. An enhanced collagen mask procedure, involves the use of a galvanic current to help stimulate collagen production. In this process, the mask solution is typically a mixture of powdered collagen and preserved collagen from an ampoule. Once applied to the face, the mask is covered with the pad of a galvanic facial machine, which uses electrical currents to boost the solution’s absorption into the skin.

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