Make A Great First Impression With Your Appearance

Make A Great First Impression With Your Appearance

It’s superficial, but it’s a reality; people look at you, and in an instant you are judged based on the way you look. You could be rich as hell, but if you look untidy, you will be perceived accordingly. That is why it is important to look your best whenever you go out or have company.

Here are some tips that will always keep you looking your best and make a good first impression.

Take a shower every morning
There’s just no excuse for missing a shower when you wake up, before you go out for the night or after a workout. Water, shower gel, towel. Simple.

Check your face
You don’t necessarily have to shave but at least ensure that your face is clean and free of “debris.” A quick look in the mirror to check for nose hair, stuff in your beard or crust in your eyes doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and is well worth the effort. A well groomed man is the key to succes.

Groom your hair (ear, nose, chest, head, etc.)
Hair growth happens with regularity, so make trimming/wax and upkeep part of your routine. Wash and condition your hair every day (or every other day, depending on your hair type and length). Set aside one day a week to tend to ear, nose and chest hair. The Men’s Grooming Salon offers you great grooming services

Clean your hands
In the business world, handshakes can make or break you; in the dating world, a woman or a man expects to see nice hands. So all you have to do is cut your nails regularly, scrape away the dirt with a nailbrush (which you can keep in the shower to save time), wash your hands frequently (to avoid sweaty, sticky hands), and use an anti-ageing hand cream on occasion (to keep them smooth).

Apply lip balm
There is nothing worse than looking at chapped lips, and trust me, no women or men will want to kiss them. Find a good lip balm and use it regularly. Just don’t put too much on, or it will end up looking like lip gloss. And if you don’t like applying it in public because of the unmanly look it portrays, then do it in private when you go to the bathroom.

You will be judged by your cover
If you look and feel good, you give off those vibes that tell the world that you feel great. Make your impressions count by letting your appearance show off what you have going on inside. To make sure you are always well grooming, check yourself in from time to time at The Men’s Grooming Salon

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