The Green Peel herbal skin peeling in Sydney has been established now for over 35 years and successfully applied in 40 countries worldwide. Many thousands of men all over the world have experienced the success of Green Peel herbal peeling on their skin.

The Green Peel is a pure extract remedy in which the ingredients work together to produce the peeling effect. As the herbs have no toxic side effects, it is a highly safe and reliable non-surgical procedure. Should the condition of the skin require more than one treatment, the treatment can be repeated after a period of 3 to 4 weeks, with no Injury or damage to the skin.

New skin in 5 Days – With the Green Peel
Results can be seen in just 5 days. The results according to the research and data collected from practitioners shows the treatment has a regenerating, caring and calming effect on the skin. The new fresh skin is not red and the complexion appears considerably improved, clearer and younger. Not only are the dead unnecessary layers of the skin removed but the skin will also be supported in its natural function. This makes it possible for the skin to regenerate quickly and blossom.

How can the skin peel when no chemical substances are used?
The Organic Green Peel pure herbal mixture without chemical additives increases the blood circulation to the treated area, causing peeling of the upper skin layers. The intensified circulation activates skin metabolism, stimulating the growth zone of the skin to generate new cells and collagen fibres, which results in a visible regeneration.

The Green peelcompound is carefully applied to the skin using a special massage. The herbs own micro particles then lightly polish the upper layers of skin. Other active ingredients in the herbal preparation penetrate deeper into the skin, releasing valuable, natural active substances such as vitamins, plant hormones, enzymes and other beneficial ingredients into the skin.

How does the skin look straight after treatment?
Directly after treatment, the skin will look slightly red and a mild burning sensation similar to mild sunburn will be experienced.

After 3 or 4 days, the old skin peels off and on the 5th day you receive a further after-treatment session, in which old skin is massaged away and the new skin treated with rich active ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin.

It is necessary to use sun-protection and to abstain from intensive sunbathing for 4 weeks after the treatment. Specialized products from Christian Acuña’s skincare range should be used for the fortnight after treatment. After 14 days, you may wish to return to your own usual skin care products. These products are included on the treatment price.

Specialized products are used after the treatment because during the peeling process the skin is very tender and delicate and needs special care. The specialized products are composed to harmonize with the Green Peel treatment. Without the use of these specialized products, the peeling process could be suppressed.

The results of the Green Peel herbal peeling are to some extent dependent on the individual regenerating ability of the skin.
To help increase the success of the peeling treatment it is recommended you supports the skin’s functions from within. You should follow a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and juices, 2-3 cups of herbal tea a day, sufficient fresh-air activities and reduce the consumption of cigarettes and other “negative delights”.

The Green Peel, gives specially trained Beauticians, Doctors & Cosmetologists an opportunity to effectively treat many skin problems and disorders with positive results. These include:
· Various types of acne on the face & back
· Skin impurities, enlarged pores, oily & disturbed skin
· Sagging face contours, wrinkles, premature ageing & sun-damaged skin
· Scars caused by acne, accidents, burns etc.
· Poorly circulated, tired skin
· Skin discolouration
· Loss of elasticity to the skin

· Provide general skin rejuvenation and regeneration
· Provide support after surgical treatments like liposuction. For example, the removal of the fatty layer by suction may result in a lack of polstering tissue and the skin becoming flabby and losing its elasticity

It is essential to carry out an in-depth consultation and patch test before almost all treatments.
We cannot treat bacterial, fungal, viral and purulent infections, dermatitis, allergic or very sensitive skin, thin skin with telangiectasia and certain forms of rosacea, skin alterations or lesions.
Customers taking the following medication can not have a Green Peel:
• Cortisone
• Cytostatics (cancer medication)
• Isotretinoin e.g. Roacutan, a medicine for the treatment of acne
• Antibiotics
• Antidepressants containing St. John’s wort. 4 weeks after coming off the medication the peeling treatment can be carried out
• Chlopromazin (rarely prescribed tranquilliser). 2 weeks after coming off the medication the peeling treatment can be carried out
In addition:
• After laser or dermabrasion treatments you should wait at least 6 months before carrying out a peeling treatment
• Customers who have had other peeling treatments should wait at least 4 months before carrying out a Green Peel.
• In the case of collagen or hyaluronic acid treatments, Green Peel can be performed 4-6 weeks after the injections

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