Can a guy use girl deodorant? See below for the answer to this vexing question.

Are you a millennial[1], Gen Y or just think it’s about time you took more care of your appearance?

Bathroom cabinet rammed full of your girlfriend’s or wife’s cosmetics? Your lonely, blunt, rusty and hair clogged (her leg hair!) razor the only sign of you?

Slapping on some of her expensive face cream can only be a good thing right? – smelling like your girlfriend or wife aside that is.


Two key reasons why you can’t hitch your skincare trailer to a woman’s SUV – you need men’s face cream.

Testosterone – the male sex androgen hormone has a pronounced effect on men’s skin making for a structure and composition different than women’s skin.The higher doses of testosterone in men means a stronger and thicker epidermis, oilier skin, larger pores and yup, you guessed it – hair loss and grey hair.

Phospholipids – say what? Well, perhaps better to explain the purpose rather than define the term.These little movers and shakers work at creating a protective and reparative skin barrier, lend a hand in retaining skin moisture, are well tolerated and penetrate fast.Products containing phospholipids have the so-called phospholipid touch – cool, soft, non-greasy and non-tacky. All the things that guys tend to want even if they don’t know it yet.
So do your skin a favour and choose men’s face cream, as it is specifically formulated for men’s skin. But store it out of your partner’s sight as it might just work better and faster on her skin than what she is currently using. Plus it will keep her guessing how you look so good.

[1] Millenials (millennial generation aka generation Y) born between 1982 and 1994 – likely to make a fortune from an internet start-up while still living with parents. Never known life without the internet.

Can a guy use girl deodorant? Of course! Just don’t tell anyone and deny it if someone says you smell like their wife.

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