Pumpkin Peel Benefits for Men

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Pumpkin Peel Benefits for Men

As men age, the skin starts to appear dull, tired, and unattractive. This usually happens when the process of skin’s natural shedding slows down. If we want to keep the skin from looking dull or unhealthy, we have to do many things including using an exfoliant regularly to dissolve flakey and dead skin cells, to retain skin’s elasticity, and to promote collagen’s production.

When the skin is regularly exfoliated, it produces new cells, just like its natural 28 days’ cycle. When a right exfoliant is used at the right time, proper skin’s nourishment is ensured and you always appear with healthy and glowing skin. Pumpkin peel benefits are many when it is used to keep the skin healthy and strong.

Pumpkin Peel Benefits
Among many other peels, pumpkin skin peel benefits have their own significance. It gets rid of excess debris and works well on different types of skins. The main pumpkin facial peel benefits are:

• Improves skin’s overall health
• Improves skin’s texture
• It fights free radicals
• It sloughs off dead surface cells
• Stimulates production of collagen and elastin
• Lightens hyper-pigmentation of the skin
• Soften or makes less visible wrinkles and fine lines
• Improves skin’s moisture

Organic Pumpkin peel benefits are due to its contents. It is known to contain high concentrations of beta-carotene and vitamins C and A that fights free radicals and sun damages. Vitamin A and C promotes the production of elastin and collagen. Pumpkin also possesses other important nutrients like zinc and potassium that help in skin’s nourishment. When applied, it gives a pleasing smell that goes well even with very sensitive nose. At the same time, it suits even sensitive skins. Pumpkin peels benefits have made it a preferred alternative traditional acid peels.
How Pumpkin Peels should be Used

Organic Pumpkin enzyme peel benefits are attracting new users every day. If you are new to pumpkin peel, be informed that each peel’s application should last three to five minutes only. You can use professional pumpkin enzyme peel once or twice a week. At The Men’s Grooming Salon we use organic ingredients on all our treatments. Our clients are really benefiting from this great treatment, great to dissolve dry skin, and heal acne skin.

More benefits of Pumpkin peel

There is no down time with a pumpkin peel and the treatment is not as harsh on sensitive skin as a glycolic peel. A pumpkin peel treatment costs a little less than a glycolic peel treatment. The number of treatments depends on skin type and the goals of the patient. We recommend 4 to 6 treatments one or two weeks apart for best long lasting benefits. For a maximum benefits we recommend a Oxygen Infusion after the Pumpkin Peel to bring the nutrients and 98% oxygen into deepest layer of the skin.

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