Beard men or shaved men

Beard men or shaved men

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a yes or no answer to every question of aesthetics?

Facial hair has a multitude of social perception such as maturity, aggression, masculinity, sociability, cleanliness, and other self-perception and behaviours such as sexual appeal and self-image.

Hipster men of today are facing a beardy reaction as scientists, yes this is now a scientific issue, warn they become less attractive to prospective partners as facial hair becomes evermore fashionable, coined the term as ‘peak beard’.

On a research conducted by scientists at the University of New South Wales was suggested that when people are confronted by successive images of hairy men, clean-shaven hunks become more attractive (the question is how hunky were the beard men?

The researcher of the Australian study, Robert Brooks, suggested that: ‘It appears that beards gain an advantage when rare [a phenomenon called ‘rarity of ornamentation’], but when they are in fashion and common, they are declared trendy and that attractiveness is over’. That is very interesting, now we know weirdos are sexually hot.
In the mentioned study 10 men were photographed, each at four different stages of facial hair growth, from clean-shaven to fully bearded. Then, study participants—351 women and 177 heterosexual men (unsure why heterosexual men only) —rated the photos based on attractiveness, healthiness, masculinity, and potential parenting abilities. The biggest take-away: Women rated men with heavy stubble as significantly more desirable than those with bare faces, light stubble or full beards.

We think that the true scientific issue here is how to achieve the sexy super desirable heavy stubble look. Here are some suggestions step by step so you don’t get lost in translation.

1. Fill in the space
First things first, do you have facial hair at all? If you do, let your facial hair grow in. If the growing factor leads you to experience itchiness, then try keeping your skin clean using an organic facial wash and shampoo your beard daily, until eventually your face adjust to the new state.

2. Vital: wash and moisturise
Lots of men leave untouched the new filled face due to the stubbles. Time to get accustomed with a new daily routine. “Continue to wash your beard regularly, just like you do your hair. Select an organic shampoo to reduce skin irritation and you can also apply a mild conditioner to make your beard feel suppler. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly under a warm shower to avoid leaving unflattering residues. To avoid a dry skin after using shampoo and conditioner, apply a facial moisturiser; it will make you feel and look better.

3. Towel dry
After washing, use a towel to gently pat your face dry. It might be tempting to hit your beard with the blow dryer but avoid doing it so your skin doesn’t dry out even further.

4. Comb and trim
Comb through your stubble with a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles. Then use a beard or moustache trimmer or clipper machine set on “short” to maintain well-groomed stubble.

However, if you what you really want is to have a neat clean shaving look to appeal to masses this is what you have to do.

1 Prepare
Use Christian Acuña jojoba oil mild face scrub specifically designed for men to remove dead cells as well as providing a protective barrier prior shaving to improve razor glide. Always use warm water while shaving to soften the beard and open pores. For the optimal results, shave after or during a hot shower.

2. Lather-up
Next, apply Christian Acuña Shaving Gel, formulated with organic Aloe Vera and glycerine for a close and comfortable shave. For better results use a Shaving Brush to generate a rich, warm lather right on your face. As you shave, exaggerate all the facial movements so you exercise the facial muscles resulting on a firmer more youthful looking face.

3 Shave
Dip a clean, sharp blade in hot water. Using gentle pressure, shave with the grain of your beard. Notice that the hair may grow in different directions. For a closer shave, re-lather and shave gently against the grain. Now your skin should be smooth, clean and ready for hydration.

4. Moisturise
After shaving, thoroughly rinse with cold water and pat dry. Use Christian Acuña After-Shave Balm, formulated with organic Aloe Vera, Shea butter and jojoba organic oils to revitalize and soothe dry skin after shaving.

Regardless of what you choose, beard or clean shaving, chances are you’re going to need a little sculpting here and there. A little on the cheeks, a little on the neck depending on the kind of look you’re going for.

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