How to Look Great When You Wake Up Late

How to Look Great When You Wake Up Late

We have all been there, whether it’s the result of a late night out, a cheap alarm clock, or (hopefully) somewhat unexpected company, there are times when a man needs to get ready and get out of the house. Fast. With that in mind, The Men’s Grooming Salon has assembled a list of things to consider on those mornings when the clock seems like it is ticking faster than usual.

Call Your Work
This might seem counter-intuitive, but if you think you are going to be late at all, the first thing you should do is contact whoever keeps tabs on your presence at work, whether it’s your boss, the receptionist, or someone in HR. Estimate roughly how late you think you will be, and be sure to apologize for the inconvenience.
This works because it shows that you are conscientious and considerate about your work and fellow employees, and best of all, it covers your sluggish self.
If you are late, you let them know and they expect it. If you manage to make it in any earlier at all, you even end up looking good.

You cannot really skip this one, especially if you are late because of a few too many drinks the night before, but that does not mean you cannot speed up the process.
Try a sailor’s shower: turning on the water for a minute to soak your hair and body, lathering up with the water off, and then turning it back on. Use the 2 in 1 shampoo & body wash from the Christian Acuña organic brand full of natural citrus to wake you up quick. It may sound silly, but when that nice warm water is constantly flowing, we tend to linger. A sailor’s shower instils the sense of urgency you need. If you absolutely do not have time for a shower, invest in a can of spray-on ‘dry shampoo.’ Sure, it is meant for the ladies, but it works, and it will take that greasy sheen and flatness right out of your hair in seconds flat. Just remember if you opt for this option to clean your body up by wiping it down with a moistened towel. Spray a little cologne on it, and kill two birds with one stone.

If you have time to shave (or need to for your particular workplace), then by all means use a brand new razor blade. This will minimize the likelihood of cutting yourself when trying to rush. Use the anti-rush shaving gel from Christian Acuña for a quick and super efficient shave. Shave post-shower, or if you are not showering, eat & then shave, since your face needs about 15 minutes for pooled fluid to subside & swelling to go down.
If you are lucky enough that a little facial hair is acceptable, invest in a beard trimmer with a stubble setting. They are cheap, and in a minute it will transform your scruffy beard into a nice, even shadow.

This step is pretty essential, since it will help the puffiness of your just awoken face subside and generally reinvigorate your appearance. Some moisturisers are formulated with caffeine, with is designed to work like a cup of coffee for your skin. Try the Christian Acuña moisturiser for normal to oily skins, amazing wakeup call.
If you can afford it, invest in a moisturiser for around the eyes, since they are the one place that a lack of sleep is most apparent. The eye revive gel from our favourite organic skin care brand will do the trick.

If your work environment will allow it, always skew to the more casual side. If not, go with an outfit you wear often because you know it looks good, this way you are not guessing or spending too much time in front of the mirror. If you need to wear a suit and it is a little rumpled, bring it in the bathroom as you shower, the steam will act to minimize this.

Eat Something
We know it seems like skipping breakfast is a real time saver, but this one is going to hurt you once you get to work and realize how hungry you are. You are either going to have to sneak out quickly to grab something (a bad move once you’ve already shown up, & potentially late at that), or your going to be as effective. Keep some of those individually packaged breakfast bars on hand for you to grab and go. They are not the ideal solution, but they will get your metabolism going and help your body to wake up and realize the day has begun.

Call your office: It’s important to let them know (part) of your situation. The last thing you want are people wondering where you are, it draws attention to the fact you’re late, and people tend to assume the worst.
Try a sailors shower to stay conscious of time, or opt for a ‘dry shampoo’ if you simply don’t have time to get wet.
Moisturize your face: It will wake you up and brighten your appearance.
Eat Something: It gets your body ready for the day ahead by kick starting your metabolism and fuelling you up (a bit).

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