Many men look great with a shaved head. But to pull one off, you must have confidence in your look. Always shave your head for the first time at the start of the weekend to give you time to get comfortable with your new look (and get some colour on your white scalp) before you face your friends and colleagues.Remember, a shaved head is not for everyone. If you are extremely thin, have an oddly shaped head or scalp problems, then a baldhead are probably not for you. If you decide to go for it, it will always grow back if you do not like it. Shaving your head will dramatically change your appearance and may take a bit of time to get used to. Allow yourself a good half hour to get the deed done for the first time. If you think you are ready, here goes…

Note: there is nothing more unattractive than a baldhead full of bumps, razor rash, and in-grown hairs. It is essential that you prep the scalp, shave properly, and protect afterward. Do not skip any of the steps below. The first time you shave, the process will take roughly 30 minutes. With time and practice, you will get the routine down to under ten. Good luck!

The first step in shaving your head is to remove as much of the hair as possible. Using a hair clipper with no guard, buzz the hair off as close to the scalp as possible.

Always shave your head after or at the end of a shower, to soften the hair, open the pores, and cleanse the skin. Your shower should last at least 10 minutes. During the shower, lightly soap a washcloth and with a slight pressure glide the cloth all over your head against the grain. This will lift the hair for easier shaving. Rinse your head and the washcloth remains in the shower for few additional minutes. Next, apply a good shave gel and let it stand for a few minutes to soften the hair even more. We swear by Christian Acuña Shaving Gel. This shaving gel is ideally applied with a brush to soften and lift the hair. Never skimp on the preparation. This is vital to a good head shave!

First time shavers should exfoliate the scalp before applying the shaving gel (veteran baldies, should exfoliate twice weekly). Use a loofa or special facial scrub such as the Christian Acuña Face Exfoliant.

Always have a hand mirror available so you can check the shave from all angles. You do not want to miss anything. Also, shave your head at the sink and make sure you have bright lighting. Use a clean, sharp razor, then by shave with the grain (the direction the hair grows). This will minimize cuts, irritation, in-grown hairs and razor burn. Glide the razor down the sides and back and then from back to front on top. Avoid applying pressure (you don’t want nicks or cuts) and rinse your blade often. Take it easy, pay attention, and be patient. You do not want to rush or get clumsy during this process.

After completing the shave, apply a small amount of lather to your hands and rub your entire head, checking for rough spots (sometimes you can’t see them), especially behind the ears and on the back of the neck. Shave over any missed places. If you must have a closer shave, re-lather and shave lightly against the grain. Remember, shaving an area over and over can cause razor burn, so try to avoid it. If you cut yourself, apply a moist alum block on the area to stop bleeding. After shaving, close the pores with a rinse of cool water. If using a shaving brush, always hang the brush to dry with the bristles facing downward. Shave your head daily. The process will be easier if you do.

Many men make the mistake of stopping with step two, but the following is important to keep your skin healthy and protect from signs of aging. After rinsing with cool water, tone the skin with Christian Acuña After Shave Gel. This will remove dead skin, excess dirt and oils.

You will need to hydrate and protect the skin. Finishing with a moisturiser (preferably one with sunscreen added) is key to leaving the skin soft, smooth, and protected. We recommend Christian Acuña moisturiser for normal to oily skin or, if you have a dry skin, the Christian Acuña moisturiser for normal to dry skin will drench your skin with moist.

Remember, you should always wear sunscreen on your head. The skin on your head is more sensitive and very susceptible to skin cancer. First time shavers will want to get some colour on their scalp. With time, your scalp will develop colour.

Now, go out and proudly show off that baldhead of yours!

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