Tips and Advice on How to Combat Dry, Itchy Skin

Tips and Advice on How to Combat Dry, Itchy Skin

In the winter months, the skin feels always tight and dehydrated. Needless to say, it is irritating and uncomfortable. Many folks experience dry, itchy skin during these time of the year. Below are tips to keep your skin moist and soothed.

Why Do I Suffer From Dry Skin in the winter?
In winter, low temperatures, low humidity and strong, harsh winds deplete skin of its natural lipid layer, which keeps the skin from drying out. The dry air from furnaces and other heating sources also suck the moisture out of skin. To keep skin soft and supple, your goal is not only adding moisture to the skin, but to keep moisture in.

Dry Skin Tip: Keep Water Lukewarm, Not Hot
Hot water robs skin of moisture causing dry skin, so it is best to shower in lukewarm water. If you cannot bear this rule, try to keep your showers short and try showering only once per day. This also means skipping hot tubs. The hot, hot temperature, combined with drying chemicals, is torture on dry skin. The same rule applies to hand washing: Wash hands in lukewarm, never hot, water. If your skin turns red, the water is simply too hot.

Dry Skin Tip: Moisturise After Showers or Hand Washing
Your skin will tell you when it is dry. If your skin feels tight and taut, it is time to add moisture. Try The very light Christian Acuña all organic body lotion.

Dry Skin Tip: Exfoliate on a Weekly or Semi-Weekly Basis
Moisturisers are more effective on properly exfoliated skin. Use the Christian Acuña body scrub in the shower and exfoliate your face with a mild scrub made for the face.

Dry Skin Tip: Invest in a Humidifier
Ever notice how older people in desert climates look like leather? The moisture in the air is actually good for skin. If you live in a low-humidity climate or you are around furnaces in the winter, invest in a humidifier. A heated room can have as little as 10 percent moisture. In the winter, consider sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom. Keep doors closed so the moist air does not escape the room.

Dry Skin Tip: Skip the Drying Soaps
Soaps can be drying. Stick with a creamy moisturising cleanser such as the super hydrating cream cleanser from the Christian Acuña collection.

Dry Skin Tip: Baby Your Hands & Feet
Hands and feet can suffer terribly from dry, itchy skin. Put on moisturiser and gloves BEFORE you head outdoors in the winter.

Dry Skin Tip: Do not Forget Your Lips
Licking your lips will not moisturise them and instead will help dry them out. Lips retain less moisture than other parts of the body, so they tend to dry out more quickly. A simple lip balm like the lip revive treatment from the Christian Acuña Essential line works wonders.

Dry Skin Tip: Protect Your Face, Too
If you have super, duper sensitive skin, consider avoiding rinsing your face with tap water, which can contain harsh minerals that are especially drying to the skin. Instead, use a cold cream like Christian Acuña repair to cleanse your face or use bottled spring water.

Dry Skin Tip: Consider Fish Oil Pills
New studies show omega-3 fish oil pills may soothe super dry skin. Patients who took fish oils pills saw significant results within a few weeks.

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